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Here we have some more hot Bailey Jay vids of her working her cock solo.  Last update we brought you some super hot TS Bailey Jay blowjob videos, so this week we figured it would be good to show her solo (we don’t want you hurting yourself with TOO much!).  Of course, solo is one of the most popular Bailey Jay movies we post, since there are no distractions, its just her, her cute face, her great tgirl tits (that rival even the nicest “normal” girl tits), and of course her nice long shemale cock, which she gladly strokes for you until he blows hot cum all over.  Speaking of jerking her shemale cock, thats exactly what she is doing in these videos!

She is wearing a new pair of pink panties (though I think they are actually pink bikini bottoms, at least thats what they look like), whatever they are, her shemale ass looks great in them, as well as her bulging cock that you can see part of peeking through the sides of the panties (or bikini bottoms).  Of course, its not too long before the bottoms are gone and her big tgirl cock is on display ready to be jerked for you on video.  Her tits are looking great, as usual, and she is sure to work her hard tgirl cock for you from various angles, so you get a full sample of whats in store as a member.  Speaking of which, be sure to check out this entire video, along with the high resolution pictures of this set, when you become a member at her official site.  If you love hot TS Bailey Jay vids, you’re going to love being a member of her site, so give it a try, but be sure to bookmark us and come back for more!

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This update is for those of you who voted that your favorite TS Bailey Jay movies are of her sucking cock (the place to vote is the top right of the page, be sure to vote for your favorite type of Bailey Jay movies so we can post more of them for you!).  Of course we listen to what people want, and here you go!  I think these videos are pretty hot as well, since they are shot POV style, and POV blowjobs from a shemale (especially TS Bailey Jay) is pretty hot.  Of course, these are only sample clips of what you’ll find inside her official site when you become a member, so if you like them be sure to head over there and take a look at all the other awesome benefits your membership gets you, such as access to her personal diary, behind the scenes videos and pictures, access to her twitter account (which she updates several times a day), as well as a bunch of other stuff.  But for now, lets check out these hot TS Bailey Jay POV blowjob movies!

As we can see, she starts off wearing some sexy purple overalls.  The hot thing about these is that its all shes wearing (no shirt on), so her nice big shemale tits are showing right off the bat, which is sexy as fuck.  Of course, before too long the overalls come off and her hot tgirl cock is hanging out, ready to get jerked.  But that can’t be done until she gives a hot POV blowjob, which like we said earlier, is pretty hot.  Shemale POV blowjobs are pretty awesome, and if you’re a fan then you will love these Bailey Jay blowjob movies.  Of course, be sure to vote at what other kinds of Bailey Jay movies you want us to post so that we can get them for you!  Enjoy!

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Once again, here are some new Bailey Jay movies that we haven’t seen before, which feature her solo in the hot tub at a hotel, and then heading over to the bed for some hot jerking action.  Of course, our favorite tgirl Bailey Jay is looking great, and her nice big tits looks especially nice bobbing up and down in the soapy hot tub water.  Imagine sharing a hot tub with her, getting to fondle her big tits and play with her nice hard shemale cock.  I am not sure how the camera person stays focused long enough to get these hot Bailey Jay movies for us, but somehow it happens, and for that I am glad!

Anyway, as you can see, these Bailey Jay movies feature her by herself soaking in the hot tub, which looks pretty comfortable.  I am sure there are some jets in there that can tickle her shemale asshole, which is probably what gets her hard in the first place.  Once that happens, you know that she can’t resist putting on a show for you, and thats exactly what she does when she heads over to the bed to jerk her thick shemale cock.  As always (which is great by the way), she lays on her back and spreads her tight shemale asshole while jerking her cock so we can get a good look at her tight ass and cock at the same time.  Check out these sample videos, and then be sure to visit her official site where you can download this entire movie update, as well as all the rest of the hot Bailey Jay movies and pictures, including access to behind the scenes stuff, her twitter, her candid movies and pictures, and of course her diary.  It’s well worth it, so get over there and have a look at everything her members get!

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