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Here is a quick update with a nice porn photo of sexy Bailey Jay showing off her best assets which happen to be a great pair of tits and a nice cock! That’s not normally something we see on a beautiful woman but lucky for us Bailey Jay is a tranny and a perfect one at that. When i saw this nude photo of Bailey I had to post it as she looks so hot in this pic. Showing off her perfect big tits looking so firm and her sexy little tattoos. Fucking Bailey in the ass would be a dream come true as I could suck on her tits at the same time!


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How about we get back to the basics with some videos of Bailey Jay sucking cock in the bathtub?  Really its great when she sucks cock anywhere, but someplace like the bathtub is great because its something new.  How many videos have you seen of sexy amateur shemales sucking cock in a bathtub?  Probably none.  And if you have seen some before, they probably weren’t of them jerking off too.  And if, by some CRAZY chance, you HAVE seen videos of that before, I know for sure they weren’t videos of Bailey Jay sucking cock in the bathtub, because these are the first videos like that!  :-)

Now that we have all that out of the way, lets get to it.  Our favorite shemale Bailey Jay starts off in the bathtub, wearing a super sexy bra (I am pretty sure I’ve seen that same one in Victoria’s Secret, so she has good taste).  Of course, its not long before she is joined in the bathtub by the lucky guy who is usually getting his dick sucked by this hot shemale, or fucking her, or whatever.  Anyway, we comes into the video with his dick already hard ready to be sucked off by Bailey Jay in these super hot videos.  Of course, I am not a writer and don’t claim to be, so reading this writing form me trying to describe whats going on isn’t going to be nearly as hot as it is to just watch it, so have at it.

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Alright, so usually the videos we post of TS Bailey Jay are pretty awesome, but there is something EXTRA special about todays update.  Why you ask?  Well, as of the time of this writing these videos are FROM THE FUTURE!  Thats right, these videos aren’t set to go live on her site for another THREE DAYS!  You’re getting a sneak peek of videos that you can’t find anywhere else!  Of course, these are only samples, but still, they are pretty fucking hot and I hope they get your dick as hard as hers!  :-)

These videos of TS Bailey Jay feature her at home on her bed (which looks damn comfortable).  She is sporting red hair this update (a darker red though, I am not sure if I have seen this color on her before, but I ain’t hating it!).  She starts off clothed and proceeds to get naked, doing the thing that I find super hot, and that is spreading her tight shemale ass.  Of course, she is laying on her side when she does that, which is pretty fucking awesome since you get a nice look at her cock as well as her tight asshole.  Of course, if that isn’t enough, she proceeds to jerk her hard cock until she cums all over her bed.

Imagine laying in bed there with her while she jerks off.  I bet she would even let you help.  I would really like to 69 with her though, having her shemale ass in my face as she goes to work on my cock.  And then we could jerk off together and cum at the same time.  Of course this is just a fantasy that will probably never happen, but still, one can dream right? :-)

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